Mestres 1312 Cava + The Dud Avocado


Book club was undecided about The Dud Avocado, ranging from love to indifference to meh…

The main character is a 21-year-old American girl living in Paris in the late 1950’s. Sally Jay tells her story in a conversational, often random tone, which ends up feeling like reading her journal. And, according to her, everything that happens is “fabulous” and “thrilling.”

When first introduced, she is wearing an evening gown. Her hair is dyed light pink. She’s drinking, bar-hopping and flirting with multiple men. She has a lover. And falls in love with someone else that evening. She’s spontaneous and she’s got it made. (Her rich uncle pays for it all whileshe lives in Paris).

According to her, she’s “hellbent for living.” The book has all the makings of a true coming-of-age story: filled with cringe-worthy moments and multiple “I-told-you-so” experiences that must be experienced on your own. A slightly uncomfortable reminder of your early 20’s.

And while mixed on the book, there is no confusion about whether or not the wine was loved. While reading, bubbles were the perfect drinking companion. Ironically, Sally Jay hates champagne. I compromised by pouring glass after glass of Mestres 1312 Cava. A good compromise: still bubbly, but not Champagne, so no betrayal to Sally Jay.

Fun fact about this Cava – the producer was the first to register the word cava in 1959, a word chosen to convey that this was a sparkling wine aged in a cellar. It uses the traditional grapes of the terroir: Xarel-lo, Parellada and Macabeu.

In every way it’s delicate, from the bubbles to the flavors. It’s fresh and flowery. With pear, green apple, citrus and some subtle spice. Just like Sally Jay, starts out sweet and bubbly, but when pushed to her limit has some spice and acidity.

And to answer your question, I loved the book, just like the bubbles.  

Mestres 1312 Cava
Variety: Cava Blend: Macabeo, Xarel-lo, Parellada
Vintage: NV
Region: Cava, Catalonia, Spain