Buty Rockgarden Estate Red Blend

buty rockgarden estate

The weather has been absolutely freezing. Stepping outside results in a gasp for air, tensing your shoulders and praying the moisture in your nose doesn’t freeze.

So instead of deciding to brave the cold city last weekend, we made the decision to find a colder locale. If it is going to be that frigid, there should at least be snow. The destination: Eastern Washington cabin during a snowstorm.

In those conditions, multiple layers, cozy socks, fur blankets and wood-burning fires are expected. And when access to the day’s football game is limited and cell service is non-existent, wine is a must.

Honestly, you would probably drink anything. It is part of the fun, after all. But, ideally it’s something that’s savory and red. That makes you want to grab the bowl of the wine glass with both hands, swirl the juice and gaze into the deep color.

With that in mind, I turned to the Buty Rockgarden Estate Red Blend.

I figured that while everyone was watching playoff games and I was cooking, I could have the whole bottle to myself share with everyone.

When first smelling and tasting this bottle of wine… STONE. But, of course – it is from The Rocks District in Walla Walla. The soil there is distinguished by the tennis ball-sized cobblestones. Because of this, the vine’s roots dig deep, soak up the minerality and have an undeniable Walla Walla rocky smell and taste. As someone whose first wine love was Washington Syrah, it’s like macaroni and cheese: familiar, comforting and one taste is a reminder of why I love it so much.   

There’s meat and spice and a long finish, which means the bottle can be enjoyed for the duration of the evening.

Buty, Buty, Buty Rockgarden everywhere…. (No?)

Buty Rockgarden Estate Red Blend
Variety: Mourvedre, Grenache, Syrah
Vintage: 2014
Region: The Rocks District of Milton-Freewater
Price: $48

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