Wine Resolutions


While others may be resolving to drink less this year, I’m resolving to taste and drink more and more. Be more experimental and keep learning as much as possible about my favorite beverage and all that goes into making it. To keep myself from getting complacent, I’ve made four wine-drinking resolutions to keep exploring, because learning about wine is almost as fun as drinking it.  

Drink More Sparkling
Most people reserve bubbles for special occasions, but sparkling deserves more screen time. The pop of a cork makes any night more special. Sparkling is great with spicy food, with rich food or with no food. This year, I will not automatically choose still wine, but make sure sparkling is always an option. Whether it’s Champagne, Prosecco, Cava or Pét-nat – sparkling should have the same chance of making it on the table.

Regularly Explore New (& Obscure) Regions
As a Washingtonian – I find myself drinking lots and lots of Washington wine. And because it’s always my go-to, lots of French wine. But, with a whole world of wine regions and new ones popping up regularly, it’s limiting to stick to the same ones. On my short list: more from Finger Lakes in New York, wine from Greece (one of the oldest wine regions in the world) and I’ll be seeking out some wine from Michigan.

Make a Best Bud Wine Salesperson
Right after drinking wine, shopping for wine is one of my favorite activities. My shopping trips consist of perusing the aisles and choosing wine based on my knowledge. But this year, I want a wine-shop-bestie who knows what I like, recommends wines I love and calls me personally when a new, coveted bottle shows up in the store. So this year, I’ll be pinpointing salespeople at my favorite wine stores, who can be my go-to wine whisperer and share their expertise with me.

Drink More Apéritifs
My nights usually begin and end with wine. The apéritif is usually reserved for dinners out and parties. But, recently inspired by this Food & Wine article and my desire to always act a little more French, I see more apéritifs in my daily life. The whistle-whetting drinks are a great start to the evening and upgrade daily dining. I’ll be stocking up on Campari, Lillet and all the ingredients for the Kir Royale.

One thought on “Wine Resolutions

  1. Yes! These are MY type of New Year’s resolutions bro! I don’t know why but sparkling always gives me a hardcore hangover the next day. What do you think that is. I started out with an enthusiasm for wine and then started diving into other types of alcoholic drinks as well. It’s a whole, wide word out there, yearning to be explored. I look forward to reading more of your stuff!


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