2013 Bodegas Naia Verdejo

2013 Bodegas Naia Verdejo

Typically, evening walks don’t amount to much more than a chat recapping the day, a sunset (hopefully) oozing with romance and sometimes, sweaty socks. But, a quick detour to a local waterfront park ended resulted with a concert in the park instead, with covers including Kiss the Girl, Ain’t No Sunshine and Radiohead’s Creep.

And, fortunately, there was a bottle of Verdejo in my bag.

In all honestly, we intended to drink the wine at some point along the walk, but the evening came together that much better when the concert revealed itself.

And a bright, white was the perfect accompaniment to upbeat tunes.

The Verdejo grape is from the Rueda DO, located in Northwest Spain and typically grown in the high altitudes of the region. The grape is noted for its bright acidity, citrus flavors and minerality. They are usually sharp and clean. And the wines are typically inexpensive.

The 2013 Bodegas Naia Verdejo is from the Rueda region, specifically the village of La Secu, which is often noted as being the Rueda’s “Grand Cru” region. At $15, it’s a great wine.

At first, I was hit by the puckering acidity of the wine, typical of the Verdejo grape. Then… So. Much. Pineapple. There was cantaloupe and citrus and tropical fruits. It was grassy and had hints of vanilla. It was a dash of pep and energy on the tongue, which is necessary on a Thursday to help jolt you through the rest of the week.

Drink Verdejo young to take advantage of their bright acidity. Stock up, but don’t hang on to them for too long, Enjoy on the remaining sunny summer days.

Bodegas Naia Verdejo
Vintage: 2013
Region: Rueda, Spain


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