Poolside Party Wine


When buying wines for a bachelorette weekend, there are usually two categories: the wines for the celebratory dinner/cocktail hour/prefunk and the wines for the dancing/games/watching “the entertainment.” There is nothing worse than confusing the two and finding out the 2010 Montrachet was chugged through a phallic straw.

To prevent this, I make it my personal duty to patrol all the party wine.

I chose 2013 Surf Swim Chardonnay for a Palm Springs Bachelorette party, because I knew when sitting poolside we would want something with a label that would ‘gram well. We got that, and more. Because this label highlighted one of the main activities of the bachelorette party… swimming.

Kudos to their marketing team, because the faded boardwalk background on the label did its job.

Label aside, I was pleasantly surprised by this wine. It was easy-drinking Chardonnay, not oaky or buttery. Exactly what I want when sitting poolside. Pineapple, banana smoothie, peaches. Crisp, bright, refreshing tropical flavors to kick in vacation vibes.  

We drank bottles of it throughout the bachelorette weekend. We skipped the phallic straws this go around. But at $10 a bottle, if it was chugged through a tacky party favor all would be well.

Surf Swim Chardonnay
Vintage: 2013
Region: California


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