Bubbles at the Top


Ask most people, and their hiking drink of choice is water.

Not me.

Of course, H2O is a necessity while making your way to the top (or maybe not), but reaching the summit deserves a little reward. Some might say “the summit is the reward,” “the view at the top is the reward” or “it’s about the journey” or “(something else I don’t fully believe)”.

Because, I’m a firm believer that no celebration is complete without bubbles.

So hiking Rattlesnake Ledge this past weekend meant 375 ml Mionetto Prosecco made the journey too. And were consumed on the “ledge.”

It’s dry and fruity – pear, citrus, peach. I often worry that cheaper Prosecco will be cloyingly sweet, but this was not. It was refreshing and chuggable. It’s smaller, gentle bubbles mean it’s easier to gulp from the bottle when you’re parched from a long hike. It did not disappoint, which it easily could have since I waited an entire hike to drink it.

Take one on your next outdoor adventure and drink straight from the bottle, with glassware or a straw. Or drink it at home. Or at a friend’s house. Or any place. Any way you always deserve bubbly.

Mionetto Prosecco
Vintage: NV
Region: Prosecco D.o.c Di Treviso


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