Green Fin Grenache Rosé

Green Fin 676

When the sun starts to show on a regular basis, cherry blossoms start to bloom, birds chirping wake you in the morning and every other one of those cliché springtime signs peaks out from behind the clouds, you know it is Rosé season. And that is reason to celebrate. Even if those birds give you gas and cherry blossoms make you gag, you can celebrate, because, Rosé!

And the best Rosés are inexpensive, easy-drinking and ready to start the party!

So when I was stocking up at Trader Joe’s for a weekend at the Washington coast this bottle of Green Fin Grenache Rosé seemed like a natural fit. That car on the label, the plastic bottle that wouldn’t break on the drive, the $5 price and the easy screwcap. I was sold.

The wine is organic and the labels are made from recycled paper, so you can also feel good about the environment while drinking.

Raspberry, cherry, strawberry. It’s not overly sweet and not overly acidic. For five bucks, it’s easy-drinking, simple and fun. And that hot pink color didn’t look too bad against the Puget Sound backdrop.

Green Fin Grenache Rosé
Vintage: 2014
Region: California

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