Trust Cellars Riesling

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An evening spent reading is only complete with a glass of wine by your side.

You read. You drink. Something shocks you. You drink. Something saddens you. You drink. Something makes you happy. You drink. You finish a sentence chapter. You drink. It’s essentially a drinking game. And the best part: you make all the rules and no one will know if you drink out of turn.

Welcome to my wild Friday nights.

What I drink while reading is just as important as the book.

This month, my book club read Bad Feminist by Roxane Gay. This collection of essays covers politics, sexuality, gender, race. Some funny, some extremely critical, some gut-wrenching. That aforementioned drinking game was on. From essays about Sweet Valley High, where I drank every time I laughed or felt nostalgic to essays on rape and gender inequality, where I drank each time I felt appalled or uneasy, there was lots of drinking.

A low alcohol wine was ideal, so I could follow the rules of my drinking game, but still comprehend the words on the page.

My pick: Riesling. Low alcohol. Off-dry. Fruit-forward. A wine that would offset the intensity of the book.

I originally chose the 2014 Trust Cellars Riesling because I was looking for a new Washington Riesling and this one happened to have a fancy shelf talker that said, “Find out why this was named the best Riesling in Washington State.” Game on.

This 100% Riesling comes from four different vineyards in Washington’s Columbia Valley. One from Ancient Lakes and three located in Yakima Valley. It’s sweet, but easy-drinking. Grapefruit. Grapefruit. Grapefruit. With honeysuckle and lemon peel and a mineral finish.

Riesling also feels like a good wine for “Bad Feminists.'” Gay says the complexity of being a feminist is often full of contradictions, like loving rap music, but feeling conflicted about the degrading lyrics. She admits as a “bad feminist” she loves pink. A “good feminist” would probably pick a powerful Cabernet Sauvignon, but a bad feminist would admit they love a delicious, easy-drinking Riesling.

Trust Cellars Riesling
Vintage: 2014
Region: Columbia Valley, Washington


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