Château de Montfaucon “Baron Louis” Lirac

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Lately, I have been all about whites. Even though it is prime red wine season, I’m consistently reaching for a crisp white.

Then, one night last week, when it was pouring and cold, a typical Seattle February evening, it was unanimously decided that it would be a night for red.

We chose the 2012 Château de Montfaucon “Baron Louis” Lirac, after a lively debate deciding between two Côtes du Rhône. “Lively debate” being between me and myself, while the somm and my boyfriend listened. (Bf has learned to entertain my indecisiveness like a champ).

The decision was a good one.

Our choice was from the Rhône Valley, not Châteauneuf-Du-Pape, but just across the river. Made from mostly Grenache, with Syrah, Cinsault and Mourvedre, this wine is velvety and smooth. Perfect for a rainy night. It has blackberry, spice and floral notes. Medium-bodied, with smooth tannins and slightly gamey. It went down very easy.

I would let this wine warm me up any night of the week.

Château de Montfaucon “Baron Louis”
Vintage: 2012
Region: Lirac, France


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